The AFKA has partnered with The Combat University for a real-world training program integrating your martial arts skills with modern weapons systems and Medical Skills. These skills are taught in the Dojo utilizing Airsoft trainers and hands-on medical skills through 12-week Training Tracks. Learn these skills taught by Green Berets in Handgun, Carbine, and Gunfighter techniques.  

 If your AFKA school does not teach the R.A.I.D System then you can enroll yourself through our Online Curriculum and maybe even become an instructor yourself.

Level I

Concealed Carry Pistol

Legal Defense Training

Hands-on basic Medical Skills Training.

Level II

Tactical Carbine

Intermediate Medical Training

Legal Defense.

Level III

Gunfighter Series.


Choose Your PATH

A Revolution in the Next Evolution of Self-Defense

Level I


If you are interested in developing your Pistol and Medical skills but are not able to attend our live-fire courses you can receive the same knowledge and skills at your own pace through our online training. This course develops training skills by dry fire, Live Fire, and airsoft training that can be conducted in your home or at your local range. Just log into the app, watch the video and then practice the new skills. This training course is a subscription course with a monthly subscription rate of $49.  You only need a few things to get started; an Airsoft pistol (gas blowback is preferred) a holster, gas, and a few magazines. All of which can be purchased from your school at a discounted price if they are enrolled in the program. If they are not yet Instructors in the R.A.I.D. Program, you can purchase these items from us at discounted prices.

Monthly Subscription $49


Level I


If you are interested in becoming an instructor or just want to learn the true combat-based fundamentals in preparation for your individual training this is the course for you. 

80% of gun owners and "shooters" have no real basis of formalized training. This course was developed after many "Instructor Candidates" failed their accuracy and handling tests for their courses. The reason for such a high failure rate is the lack of FORMALIZED fundamentals and principles training. This course builds the student's accuracy and skill level to prepare them for the Level I instructor course. 

Each 1 Day Live-fire Training Course is $275

These live-fire courses are taught at our facility in Bunnlevel NC, 37 PSR Gun Club. 



Once you have completed your Student Instructor Development Course and your school owner has approved your attendance, you can move along your path to being an in-School Airsoft Firearms Instructor. Our Instructor Courses, however, are all Live-Fire because you need to understand the stresses and aspects of teaching students to fire live-fire weapons systems. Level I covers the training in Concealed Carry of Handguns and Basic Medical Skills. Level II covers the use of the Carbine Rifle and Secondary Medical Skills. Level III Covers Gunfighter Skills with both the integrated Pistol and Carbine and use of barricades and vehicles and Advanced Medical Skills. 

Each 3 Day Instructor Course is $550