The Combat University has all the fighting and self defense curriculum in one easy to use online virtual location for the student.

For our local area students that want hands on training we have  two training facilities in central NC.

Our main training campus is 37 PSR Gun Club located 45 minutes south of Raleigh and 20 minutes north of Fayetteville North Carolina in Bunnlevel NC.

Vigilance Combatives, our fighting arts Studio is located in Aberdeen NC just 60 Minutes from Cary/Apex, Raleigh and 40 minutes from Fayetteville NC.


The School of R.A.I.D.

The RAID Warrior program is a self-paced program for anyone to learn the fighting techniques of the RAID system and to gather together those people of the same mindset about self-reliance. It comprises of monthly training days and online gatherings for discussion and learning over many different topics that involve the stresses of life and the current times. The RAID Warrior program's goals are to make a person more self-reliant and more aware of what is going on around them and prepare them for the times to come. Enrolling in the R.A.I.D Warrior degree program is a journey along your path to success in the fighting arts. Where serious people train together, support each other and form a team that can be relied upon to give you the guidance you need to progress. As you successfully progress from Basic to Level I to Level IV you will be mentored by those that went ahead of you. You are expected to mentor those that follow you. The way of the Warrior is not by themselves, but with others.

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The School of Fighting Arts

Students learn to defend themselves against hostile actions, fighting from a position of disadvantage, avoid injury, and quickly neutralize the threat. Students will learn a variety of offensive techniques which include turning defense into counter-offense. Students will learn to neutralize multiple assailants, defend against firearms, edge weapons, or blunt objects. Students will apply these principles in a multitude of situations.

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SiteRep Community

ALL COMBAT UNIVERSITY STUDENTS GET FULL ACCESS TO THE SitRep. This is the Combat University discussion area called "The SitRep.  This is where we discuss the Why, How and When things happen, and raise questions to find solutions to combat the evil in the world. Hence the "Science of Violence" Like Facebook, but better, because there are no trolls. In addition, women can enjoy a community and forum exclusive to females only.

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The School of Applied Kinetic Diplomacy

Combat Marksmanship is the US Army Green Beret's Methodology for kinetic engagement training. If you want to learn to shoot firearms like Counter Terrorism Units then this is the course for you. This is the same curriculum as the Special Forces Advanced Reconnaissance, Target Analysis and Exploitation Techniques Course of Instruction. Taught by the Former head instructor of the course on Active Duty. 

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All Courses Access

Want full access to all The Combat University has to offer? ALL COURSE ACCESS gives you full access to: All online courses and discounts on all RAID Training days. 

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Main Training Campus Access

Choose from the many membership plans offered here at 37PSR Gun Club. With a variety of memberships and plans we offer something for all types of shooters from our nickel plan to platinum.

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Aberdeen Fighting Arts Campus

Vigilance Combatives is a premiere fighting arts training campus . developed for training the skills of self defense for Men, Women and Kids. 

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R.A.I.D. Warrior Free Program Sample

This is a sampling of the Level I R.A.I.D Warrior Program for you to check out and see if it is for you. This is some of the classes and information. You will not get access to the Sit Rep or the Warrioress Sit Rep Forum.This offer is good for 5 days free access 

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Enrolling in the Combat University is a journey along your path to success in the fighting arts. As a member you can enjoy full access to our library of courses, discussions, videos and print content. This is an amazing offer starting at only $25/month per curriculum. New content will be added on a regular basis. Become a part of THE COMBAT UNIVERSITY today!


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